The UAB, top public university in Spain in teaching quality according to the Times Higher Education

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The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona improves 8 points in the Europe Teching Ranking, which evaluates the teaching qualities of European universities. It ranks 12th in Europe in this year's ranking.


The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona ranks 12th in the second edition of the European Teaching Rankings published by the Times Higher Education. The ranking, the first of its kind to focus exclusively on teaching, uses indicators corresponding to four basic pillars: teaching resources, commitment and interactions between students and the institution, results generated by the university and the existence of an inclusive environment. The UAB, which has improved 8 points since last year's edition, stands out especially for the resources it dedicates to teaching and the inclusive environment of its campus.

The ranking considers the UAB to be the top public university in Spain, followed by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, in 18th position, and the University of Barcelona, in 29th position. The University of Navarra, a private institution, is the first university in Spain, ranking in 3rd position among all European universities and surpassed only by Oxford and Cambridge.

The analysis takes into account the results of the European Student Survey, which examines a wide range of aspects such as student commitment to their studies, the interaction with faculty members, quality of univerisity services and opportunities to develop the skills which will help them prepare for their professional development after university.

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