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The UAB rewards Bachelor’s Final Papers that promote social transformation

Premis Transformació Social
Autor Foto: ©May Zircus
The prizes will be awarded to Bacherlor Degree’s Final Papers of this year 2016-2017 that address subjects on gender equality and non-discrimination, or sustainable development and global justice


The Observatory for Equality announces the second edition of the Awards for Best TFG with gender perspective, whereas the Solidarity Autonomous Foundation (FAS) announces for the first time their Awards for Sustainable Development and Global Justice. These are two calls aimed at rewarding Bachelor’s Final Papers that promote social changes.
On the one side, the FAS aims at promoting the interest for research on sustainable development and global justice, and considers that the awards are a contribution of the UAB to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. On the other side, the Observatory for Equality announces the award in cooperation with the Catalan Institute for Women and strives to raise the awareness of students on gender equality and non-discrimination.
As regards to the subject of the papers, in the case of the Awards for Best TFG with gender perspective, we understand the ‘gender perspective’ as a critical approach to any phenomenon that unveils, makes visible, analyses or addresses the inequalities between women and men, including the social and cultural institutions that back them, such as family, sexuality, sexual division of labour, socialisation processes, laws, beliefs, values and social norms, among many others. The gender perspective understands gender as a historical construction of a social and cultural character, a principle that provides an unequal access to resources (material, ideological and symbolical) and creates a hierarchy between what each context defines as masculine or feminine, thus enunciating and reinforcing the inequalities. Finally, the gender structures each person’s identity, especially the psychological, corporal, sexual and cultural aspects, by conferring roles, practices, expectations, needs, behaviours and attributes to individuals according to the sexual difference of women and men. 
Papers opting for the Awards for Best TFG on Sustainable Development and Global Justice should address any of the following subjects: sustainable development, social economy and cooperative movement, human rights, right of asylum, governance and participatory democracy, conflicts and peacebuilding, migrations, interculturality, anti-racism, participation, volunteering, social movements, education for global justice, healthy communities and scenarios, and community health.
The requirementsare roughly the same for both calls:
- The paper has been submitted as a Bachelor’s Final Paper during the year 2016-2017 in any of the degrees offered at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
- Minimum grade of 8,5 .
How to participate?
The period for submitting proposals is due on 22 September 2017 for both calls. Students who wish to participate should take the following steps, depending on the call.
1) Awards for Best TFG with Gender Perspective: fill in the online form and send the paper in pdf format (do not specify the authorship) as well as a copy of the student’s academic record to
2) Awards for Best TFG on Sustainable Development and Global Justice: send the paper and a signed letter from your tutor specifying the date of filling and its grade to
The prizes consist of a certificate and a gift, and the publication and dissemination of the winning papers through different academic and social channels. Prizes will be awarded in an academic ceremony to be held in November or December 2017.
For further information, please check the following links to the rules of both calls, the Awards for Best TFG with Gender Perspective and the Awards for Best TFG on Sustainable Development and Global Justice