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The UAB opens its TALENT call for researchers

The UAB opens its TALENT call for researchers
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The university will award five grants for the contracting of PhD holding research staff. The initiative wishes to encourage the capture and retention of research talent at the UAB. The deadline for submitting applications is 25 September.


The call is open across all areas of knowledge present at the university. Candidates for the grants which form the purpose of this call for applications are those who can provide certified accreditation of a research period of at least five years, including a post-doctoral period in other universities or research centres during at least two years.

The grants for contracting research staff have a duration of three years, but with the long-term aim that these contracts should become permanent when the context permits this. The university wishes to capture and retain research talent, given the great difficulty in enabling access to research staff to stable jobs.

The grants will be awarded on a co-financing basis. The UAB will provide half of the amount: €23,000. The remaining 50% of the cost of contracting must be paid by the contractee through their own research projects or contracts or by the research groups of which they form part.

Those interested have until Monday 25 September to submit their applications.
Application Terms and Conditions