The UAB once again ranks best university in Spain according to CYD


The ranking conducted by the Knowledge and Development Foundation (Fundación Conocimiento y Desarrollo, CYD) is prepared alongside the international U-Multirank ranking. This year, the UAB obtained the same results as last year and is once again the top university in Spain.


The UAB obtains maximum scores in 28 of the 37 indicators evaluated by the Knowledge and Development (CYD) Foundation, placing it at the top of the ranking which evaluates a total of 77 universities in Spain. It therefore maintains the results obtained in last year's edition and its position as top university in Spain. The ranking created by the Knowledge and Development (CYD) Foundation used information provided to them by the centres themselves and by the ministries of Science and Universities, as well as bibliometric and patent data.

The CYD ranking evaluates university performance according to the results obtained in 37 indicators. It does not classify universities, but rather evaluates its performance as high, medium or low in each of the indicators analysed. The indicators are grouped into five "dimensions": teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation, and contribution to regional development. The UAB achieved excellent results in indicators included in all five dimensions, and particularly in transfer of knowledge, international orientation and contrinution to regional development. It is also the university with the least number of low performance indicators.

In this eighth edition of the CYD ranking, a total of 77 universities were analysed in 27 areas of knowledge (this year Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture were included) and 2,998 academic programmes. The ranking was developed alongside the international U-Multirank ranking, with which it shares methods and indicators, and additional indicators specific to the Spanish university system were also incorporated.

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