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The UAB launches a new way of celebrating being part of the UAB community

29 Sep 2022
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The UAB launches a new way of celebrating the UAB community with a festive, cultural activity on 5 October to bring the whole community together and celebrate our university. 


“La Comunitària UAB” is the name chosen for a new way of celebrating the UAB community. Starting this academic year, the first event will be held on 5 October with the objective of bringing together the entire university community and celebrating the UAB. These cultural and festive activities will include discovering all of the assocations within the UAB's eldirectori which offer daily activities on campus. The objective is to foster the interaction between members of the UAB and offer information on the different groups created for students to participate in, in addition to their other university activities.  

What will the "La Comunitària" autumn edition offer?

"La Comunitària" will hold its event on Wednesday 5 October, from 12 to 4 p.m. Lectures will be suspended during these hours to allow all students the chance to participate.

There will be a wide variety of activities: nature walks around campus, an entities fair with information on associations, human tower building with Els Ganàpies, exhibitions, swing classes, live music, games and films at the UAB Cinema, and even chess, badminton, and tennis matches, and yoga and zumba classes.

The activities will take place in different areas: the Plaça Cívica, the Espai SIS, in front and inside the Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives, the Associations' Resource Centre, the Cinema Hall, the Entities Building, the Humanities Library, the Physical Activity Centre (SAF building). There will also be activities that will move around campus, such as performances by the UAB Xaranga, a live role-playing game "Laberint màgic d'Akhud", the game Survival HvZ (Humans versus Zombies), and activities for international students such as Treasure game and the walk to the Font de la Bonaigua.

The entities fair, La Fira de La Comunitària, will be located at the square in front of the General Newspaper Archives and will have 40 stands with information on all of the associations at the UAB. The fair will be open from 12 noon to 6 p.m.

Music will also be present with La Queency, an urban music performer, who will be chatting with attendants. Performances will also be offered by Meconio, the winners of the Furia Fest, a festival against gender violence held recently at the UAB. And the UAB Choir will also be performing around campus.

The Resource Centre will turn into a Gaming Zone thanks to the UAB Gamers association. UAB members will be able to play four different types of video games: Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros, Just Dance and FIFA. 

For more information on the full programme please click here.