The UAB focuses on today's climate crisis


"Climate Emergency: the UAB acts!" is this year's UAB slogan, which was first used in last year's Festa Major. Throughout the academic year, different actions will be organised to help raise awareness amongst the university community on the profound climate crisis affecting our whole planet.


The slogan chosen for the 2019/20 Festa Major was "Emergència climàtica: la UAB actua!" (Climate Emergency: the UAB acts!). As in the latest editions of the Festa Major,the slogan is later used throughout the whole academic year to launch a series of actions organised jointly by different members of the university community (students, PAS and PDI). The objective is to make the climate crisis a focus of interest of academic, research and collaborative activities.

This year, the UAB has also made a climate emergency declaration through the open letter signed by members of the UAB and thereby joins forces with other sectors in society to make this human-caused climate crisis we are experiencing a forefront issue for the media and politicians. The UAB is aware of the critical situation we are experiencing and calls out to society and social and political institutions to foster more sustainable lifestyles and actively and urgently combat climate change.

The universities, as scientific institutions and the voice of the demands of the scientific community and future generations, has the responsibility of pointing out the climate emergency we are facing and express its position on the subject. Both members of the community and several organisational areas work on research and actions focused on mobility, energy and residues with the aim of reducing the global greenhouse gas emissions generated by the UAB to thereby achieve a more sustainable and environmentally respectful university.

Reducing CO2 Emissions
This year, the UAB aims to reduce its activities' environmental impact. Different points of action have been traced regarding CO2 emissions caused by means of transport, water wastage and waste generation. In only one year, from 2017 to 2018, the university reduced by 55% its pollution levels and this year aims to lower them even more. Although in 2017, 6 in every 10 UAB members travelled to and from the university in public transport, private transport generated 13,322 tonnes of CO2. That means that almost 70% of emissions generated to reach the campus is produced by private vehicles.

The university now offers a bicycle service and has promoted the use of new
bus lines, both on and off campus. Apart from that, it has worked to reduce the number of travels
for work and has always aimed to chose the most sustainable alternative.

Obtaining renewable energy is another of the main points of action
this year. All of the electricity spent in 2018 came from renewable sources. A total of 3% less energy was spent than the previous year, which represents an important change in practices. The same occurred with water usage and waste generation. The new actions, such as
the use of sustainable gardening techniques and an application for the selective collection of waste,
have contributed to a great change in habits on campus.

Summary of the UAB actions to minimise its ecological footprint (in Catalan)

Open letter from the UAB declaring the state of climatic emergency (in Catalan)