The HRS4R-UAB working subgroups initiate their round of meetings

El grup de treball defineix els objectius amb metodologia col∑laborativa

Those meetings will focus on aspects such as the dissemination of the Euraxess initiative and the improvement of the processes of recruitment and support of international researchers.


July started with the first meeting of one of the working subgroups created after the HRS4R group gathered the last 15th May. At that appointment, four subgroups were created to address more in depth what were defined as the four main lines of action: the dissemination of the Euraxess initiative, the process to recruit researchers, the international support they receive and their training opportunities.

The subgroup focused on recruitment was the first to initiate conversations. At that first meeting, representatives of different groups involved in research analysed the current state of the recruitment process for researchers (in its three phases: recruitment, selection and hiring) and worked together to propose improvement actions.


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