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Successful participation in the Gender Pilot Training

Pilot EGERA 2015
The "training" led to the opening of a space for reflection about gender inequalities concerning the working access to relevant positions at the UAB. Later will be published a report with conclusions for future implementation within the university.


On 12 and 18 May, in the framework of the European project EGERA (“Effective Equality in Research and the Academia”), the pilot seminar about Gender Inequalities concerning the working access and career of administrative staff at UAB took place. The training was addressed to administrative and service staff (PAS) of the UAB with the participation of up to 13 people from different fields and levels of the university’s administration.

The seminar, motivated and led by two researchers from the University of Nijmegen, introduced a “Model Building” innovating working methodology. The session came from the analysis of the data of the UAB that stated the difficulties about gender inequalities concerning the working access and the promotion of PAS. From the debate and the participation of all members of the group a model of causes and consequences of the current situation was designed and finally proposals were made for an improvement of the current state.

Very soon a report will be written with the results proposed in the seminar and it will be sent to the management positions of the UAB so that the conclusions raised can be implemented.

On the other hand, due to the interest of the proposal, the possibility of doing new seminars in Catalan in order to expand it to the rest of PAS collectives of the UAB will be considered.