New designs for UAB's 2020/21 folders and agendas

Carpeta i agenda 2020-2021

Discover the new 2020/21 folders and agendas! A renewed design starring the UAB's columns and its signature green colour. Soon available to all students!


The design of the folder and agenda have been renewed while maintaining the central role of the columns and the green of the campus.

The new folders and agendas for the 202/21 academic year have finally arrived. They combine a renewed design with a central focus on the UAB's Bellaterra columns, one of the university's most loved emblems according to social networks and UABers' instagram accounts. The columns now stand proud in green, the colour of the UAB, representing our campus and giving value to the unique natural area in which the UAB is located, as well as a clear statement towards the commitment to a more ecological, healthy and sustainable world.

The result is a modern and attractive design that current and future UAB students will soon be carrying to classes. All UAB teaching centres already have theirs so you can pick one up when you begin this 2020/21 academic year.

The folders and agendas of our universities are like the T-shirts of our football teams. Year after year, the new designs are complimented and criticised. We are looking forward to knowing what our members think of them. In this link you will find all the photos of our 2020 folders and agendas, so we invite you to be the first to tell us what you think about this year's design with the hashtag #carpetaUAB.

The four columns overlooking one of our campus accesses were designed by sculptor Andreu Alfaro and have become a symbol and sign of identity of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. With a height of up to 40 metres, they serve to identify the campus and represent the union between Catalonia's university community and the inseperable relations between nature, science, art and identity. 


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