New courses at the UAB for the 2018/19 academic year


New degrees in the fields of humanities, social sciences, science and engineering will be offered at the UAB next academic year. The new academic offer increases the amount of three-year programmes offered, as well as degrees fully in English and a new double degree.


The UAB will be offering new programmes starting in the 2018/19 academic year in a variety of academic fields and all highly interdisciplinary thanks to the specific characteristics of the UAB campus. There will be two new three-year programmes (180 ECTS credits) and one new double degree. The UAB will also include an inter-university bachelor's degree next year.

Three new programmes will be offered at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities:

The UAB-Specific Programme in Gender Studies will be the first of its kind in Catalonia to focus on this issue and with a duration of three years. It combines several cross-curricular contents: from the political-social field (law, sociology, education, anthropology, economics), historical-cultural field (history, philosophy, language and literature, literary theory and comparative literature, communication, geography), and the health field (psychology). The objective is to train professionals with sensitivities towards inequalities for reasons of gender or sexual orientation. In the 2018/19 academic year, this programme will be offered as a UAB-specific degree,with the aim of becoming an official bachelor's degree in the following year.

The Bachelor's Degree in Regional Planning, Geography and Environment lasts four years and will equip students with the ability to analyse and prepare regional planning and environmental tasks. It is aimed at students with a critical vision of current growth models, interested in regional planning and management strategies and in experiencing, observing and understanding the land first-hand. The programme includes subjects taught in English.

The Bachelor's Degree in Ancient Studies is a four-year programme combining the study of classical languages (Latin and Greek) with the study of the antiquity and archaeology. The degree will train professionals to have the ability of analysing political, social, economic and cultural issues within the ancient world.

Finally, the new Bachelor's Degree in History, Politics and Economics will not be offered in the 2018/19. Its status as an official bachelor's degree programme has been postponed until the following academic year, pending the Council of Universities' resolution.

New degrees in science, engineering and politics

Another three-year programme will be offered at the School of Engineering, the Bachelor's Degree in the Management of Smart and Sustainable Cities. It was offered in 2017/18 as a UAB-specific degree, but this year has become an official bachelor's degree. The programme prepares students with the knowledge needed in information and communication technologies to solve challenges in managing an integrated and smart city, its population, economy, mobility, and its environment and administration.

At the School of Engineering students will also find the new Bachelor's Degree in Data Engineering, a four-year programme. It will prepare students to be able to develop systems capable of processing large volumes of diverse digital data: with the ability to obtain and extract data, with mathematical and computational representations, safe transmissions and storage, efficient processing of the information contained and the visualisation of this information.

The Bachelor's Degree in Computational Mathematics and Data Analytics will be given at the Faculty of Science and will last four years. The objective of the programme is to train future professionals with the skills needed to develop new algorithms and tools for the optimisation, modelling and treatment of complex data. For students of this degree, the campus will become one large laboratory of medical, biological, financial and social data.

Two new programmes have been added to the long list of degrees offered at the Faculty of Political Science and Sociology. First of all, the UAB is the university with the largest number of international relations' lecturers in Catalonia (and second in Spain), and for the first time it will be offering a four-year Bachelor's Degree in International Relations. The degree will combine lectures in English, Catalan and Spanish, and will have a strong focus on international mobility. In Catalonia, it will be the first bachelor's degree in international relations available at a public university.

Secondly, the faculty will offer a double degree in Political Science and Public Management and Sociology, which combines two degrees offered until now at the faculty. The programme lasts five years and focuses on acquiring knowledge on socio-economic inequalities, education, gender, immigration and social policies, etc. It will train students with the capacities needed to interact in different institutional and administrative areas: governments, parliaments, public administration offices, international organisations, political organisations, etc.

Inter-university bachelor's degree

The Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics has an extensive and prestigious academic tradition in English-speaking countries, and will be offered jointly with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, the Carlos III University and the Pompeu Fabra University through the Alliance of 4 Universities. Students will acquire solid training in political science and economics, with an important foundation in critical and moral analysis skills proper of the humanities. The uniqueness of this degree is student mobility, given that students will have the chance to study in both Barcelona and Madrid, as well as spend a semester or more abroad.

For more information on enrolling in a UAB degree, please visit the link to the UAB's PDF guides.

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