Lecturer Sonia Pulido wins National Illustration Award

Il.lustraciů de Sonia Pulido per al Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

Lecturer of the graduate programme in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques at EINA, a UAB-affiliated school, Sonia Pulido was awarded the 2020 National Illustration Award conferred by the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Sonia Pulido (Barcelona, 1973), lecturer of the Graduate Diploma in Creative Illustration and Visual Communication Techniques at EINA, has won the 2020 National Illustration Award. The illustrator won the award on Tuesday, 6 October, as announced by the Minister for Culture and Sports José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes.

The jury highlighted Pulido's "wide trajectory at national and international level" and her "versatility", which covers "almost all areas of illustration: graphic novels, editorial illustration and advertising", as well as a personal style that is "between power and fragility, with an aesthetic that not only draws on references from the past, but is totally contemporary".

Sonia Pulido works regularly with the Bellaterra Journal of Teaching and Learning Language and Literature, an online research journal on the Teaching of Language and Literature of the Faculty of Education, in which the cover of each of their trimester editions is illustrated by one of their former students after a selection from out of 20 illustrations submitted per year.

"I am very surprised and excited to receive the award, I was not expecting this at all. It has been awarded to me by my colleagues, and the fact that they consider that I deserve this award makes me immensely happy and motivates me to continue working with more determination than ever. I can only say thank you", she commented to EINA.

Sonia Pulido is illustrator and earned her degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona. Her works have been published in several prestigious journals and newspapers, such as The New YorkerThe New York Times,The Wall Street JournalAD France and El País. She has been awarded by a variety of instituteions such as the Society of Illustrators (Institutional Gold Medal, Book winner, Editorial winner).

She was also the one in charge of creating the poster of the 2018 Festes de la Mercè.

Among the books she has illustrated are Puede que esta vez (Sins Entido, 2006), Un samurai ve el amanecer desde Acapulco (La Caja de Cerillos, 2013),  Caza de conejos (Libros del Zorro Rojo, 2012) Mujeres bacanal (Catalonia, 2017) i Mujeres bacanal latinas (Catalonia, 2019). Her most direct contact with the language of comic books arrived in 2010 when she worked on the graphic novel Duelo de caracoles (Sins Entido), with scripts by Pere Joan, although she has also published her work in comic strip anthology books.

Pulido has also worked on literary novels such as the stories in El mejor de los pecados by Mario Benedetti (Lumen) and Enrique Vila-Matas' novel Porque ella no lo pidió (Lumen), as well as the recent anthology Tots els contes by Montserrat Roig (Rosa dels Vents). 



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