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Last places for UAB's master's degrees and graduate diplomas 2022/23

07 Jul 2022
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The UAB offers you a wide range of master's degrees, graduate diplomas and specialization courses. Many programmes have closed admission for the next academic year but you will also find those that still have available places and that start the first or second term of the 2022/23 academic year. Last places available!

Open enrollment 2021-2022

There are still places available in various master's degrees, graduate diplomas and specialization courses for the 2022/2023 academic year. Last places!

UAB offers over one hundred official master's degrees, divided into 17 areas of interest, and ranging over all fields of knowledge, providing students with advanced training oriented towards professional specialisation or research. From January 2022 admissions have been open for the official master's degrees 2022/23 academic year, and for some of them there still remain some available places. Check all the information and apply for admission through each official master's degree's website within the UAB portal. In the official master's degrees' catalogue you will find an information page for each programme, with objectives, competences, syllabus and career options. Please address any enquiries directly to each programme’s coordinator by filling and sending the more information request form in each programme's website.

The UAB also offers a wide range of UAB-specific master's degrees and graduate diplomas. Over 400 programmes including master's degrees, graduate diplomas and specialisation courses. The admissions' calendar is different and specific for each programme and, in many cases, admissions are still open for the 2022/23 academic year. You will find complete, detailed information in each programme's website. If you have any questions or doubts, you can contact directly the programme's coordinator by filling out the more information request form at each programme's website.

Work experience, online teaching and courses in English: the UAB responds to an Anglo-Saxon model of university with a university campus and a majority of programmes offering classroom-based learning. Additionally, in recent years the catalogue of master's degrees and graduate diplomas also reflects the intention of offering quality training online, which has been key to acquiring the knowledge and tools needed and facing the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. The incorporation of compulsory and optional work placement modules also demonstrates a growing interest of including professional experience into the programmes. Finally, the UAB reinforces its international vocation with a higher presence of English in the classroom and programmes offered 100% in English.

The wide offer of UAB master's degrees and graduate diplomas is a strategic commitment by the University to contribute to social progress through the training of professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs needed in the most innovative economic and social sectors. An investment for your professional career with the guarantee of the UAB, 1st university in Spain and 178 globally in the last QS World University Rankings (2022) (view all UAB rankings).

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