Isabel Muntané receives the Aspàsia Award 2019

Isabel Muntané, lecturer at the Faculty of Communication Studies, was previously awarded with the 11th "25 de novembre" Award from the Barcelona City Council thanks to her project “Dones valentes. Agents d’una informació no masclista sobre les violències sexuals” [Brave Women. Agents of an Non-Chauvanist Information on Sexual Violences].


Journalist and co-director of the master's degree in Gender and Communication of the UAB, Isabel Muntané recently received the Aspàsia Award 2019 in defence of gender equality. The award, conferred onto her by the Network of Social Action Directors and Professional Women (DDiPAS), acknowledges the vital and professional trajectory of individuals who, with their initiatives, fight for gender equality and defend the empowerment of women.

Isabel Muntané is an example of this. Journalist, activist and academic, she combines the three sectors to point them all in the same direction: “the fight to transform social constructions and the collective imagery of women and their role”, as the awards jury pointed out. Muntané holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a master's degree in Women, Gender and Citizenship Studies and, alongside Joana Gallego, is co-director of the master's degree in Gender and Communication at the UAB, a pioneering programme in Spain. She is the founder of Almena Cooperativa, a social initiative aiming to promote a change in paradigm towards new gender models. She is also member of the campaign “On són les dones?” [Where are the women?], which aims to give visibility to women in the media and condemn the lack of female voices in the public sphere.  

During the awards ceremony, celebrated at the Sala Vallespí of the Espai de Dones Francesca Bonnemaison in Barcelona, there was also a special mention for Mireia Fontanet, coordinator of policies on equality, youth, health, migration and the elderly at the Tàrrega City Council, and a posthumous honorary recognition for Neus Català, last Catalan survivor of the Nazi concentration camp Ravensbrück.