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ICTA-UAB to organize Growth vs Climate Conference 2024

13 Sep 2023
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Human activity is irreversibly changing our planet, especially our climate. The voracious demand for fossil fuels and natural resources has led us to an ecological breaking point, even after decades of climate action.


It's time to rethink how we manage our oceans, forests, cities, consumption patters and economic systems. And the science is here for it.

With the aim of addressing the most pressing environmental issues of our time, the ICTA-UAB Growth vs Climate Conference 2024 will gather leading scientists, thinkers, policymakers, activists, and journalists from 13-15 March 2024 at the UAB campus in Barcelona. 

Participants will discuss perspectives on growth in the fight against climate change, as a path for reversing the climate trend. Will green growth, the bioeconomy, or the Green New Deal be enough to avert a climate disaster, or should we look to degrowth or agrowth as alternative models? What are the tradeoffs associated with different mitigation strategies and how can we avoid rebound effects and negative social impacts?

The 3-day event will feature keynote speakers and presentations on scientific results on specific and cross-cutting themes, policy debates and co-creation workshops organized across five societal challenges: Oceans, Land, Cities, Consumption, and Policy.

Keynote speakers include ecofeminist Yayo Herrero, former Spanish Minister for Consumer Affairs Alberto Garzón, and economic anthropologist Jason Hickel. The illustrator Javier Royo will be in charge of leaving a graphic record of the event’s big ideas.

The organizers have opened the abstract submission period until 15 October, and registration for the conference will start on 20 November. The last day for registration is 31 January 2024.