Haluk Kabaalioglu to speak on Turkey at the Faculty of Law

Haluk Kabaalioglu

Haluk Kabaalioglu, Dean of the Faculty of Law at Yeditepe University, Istanbul, is committed to the integration of Turkey into the EU and at the same time is critical with his country's current political situation. He will speak on this subject on 18 May at the Faculty of Law.


On 18 May Haluk Kabaalioglu, Professor of Commercial Law and Dean of the Faculty of Law at the Yeditepe University in Istanbul, will offer a conference at the UAB Faculty of Law. With a very critical personal and political stance on the current situation of his country (press freedom violations, authoritarian drift of the government of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, etc.), Dr Kabaalioglu will be speaking on these issues at the faculty at 4 p.m. The conference forms part of the academic programme of the UAB's master's degree in European Integration.

Kabaalioglu holds a PhD in Law from Istanbul University. He also studied at the universities of Columbia and Pennsylvania, and at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is founder and Director of the European Community Institute of Marmara University and president of the European University of Lefke, Cyprus. He has lectured in several universities of Turkey, Finland, Azerbaijan and in the International Relations and Strategic Strategies in Brussels. Since 2002, he is the Dean of the Faculty of Law at Yeditepe University.

He was secretary general of the Chamber of Industry of Istanbul and president of the Foundation for Economic Development (IKV), a non-governmental organisation which represents the Turkish business sector. He also worked at the European Commission and was expert advisor to the Permanent Delegation of Turkey to the European Union. Committed to the integration of Turkey into the EU, he has written several articles on the relation between his country and the EU, such as The Relations between Turkey and the EU – A Turkey Perspective, in Parameters of Partnership: The U.S.-Turkey-Europe and Turkey and the European Union-Converging or Drifting Apart? He is also author of other monographs on international law, such as The Law of Multinational Enterprises, Disclosure Principle in Securities Regulation and The EU Law and Institutions and the Cyprus Problem.

More information: Official Master's Degree in European Integration


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