Exhibition on "50 Years of Research at the UAB"

Exposiciů 50 anys de recerca uab

The UAB Communications Library and General Newspaper Archives will be exhibiting "50 Years of Research at the UAB", which includes a collection of research projects conducted since the founding of the university and the technological evolution of its laboratories. The exhibition will be inaugurated on 29 April. 


In celebration of the UAB's 50th anniversary, the university wishes to commemorate the research conducted since its founding. To do so, an exhibition with a display of scientific and technological equipment used throughout this past century will serve as testimony to the UAB's strong commitment to research, as well as as a demonstration of the technological evolution inside laboratories and research centres.  
The exhibition will be on display at the exhibitions hall of the Communications Library and General Newspaper Archives. It will be inaugurated on 29 April at 1 p.m. and open to the public until 20 May. In addition to the physical pieces on display, there will be a permanent virtual exhibit with detailed information and monographic videos on each of the exhibit pieces.

The exhibition was coordinated by Carlos Acosta Rizo, lecturer of the Centre for the History of Science, in collaboration with Génesis Núñez Araya, also member of the Centre for the History of Science, and Cultura en Viu and the Audiovisuals and Multimedia Unit of the Area of Communication and Promotion.

Virtual exhibit


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