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ECIU University, first alliance in Europe to issue electronically sealed micro-credentials

15 Nov 2023
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These micro-credentials list the skills obtained during the student’s learning process, including their level of expertise and qualification in European Skills, Competences, and Occupations (ESCO).

Microcredencials de l'ECIU

As a precursor of the European dimension of micro-credentials, the ECIU University is taking a leap forward and will deploy centralised, tamper-proof micro-credentials. Electronically sealed by the ECIU Consortium and issued through the European Digital Credentials (EDC) platform, these micro-credentials will list the skills acquired during the learning process, and will include student’s level of expertise and ESCO qualification (European skills, competences, and occupations). “Beginning to issue digital micro-credentials represents a key and pioneering step for Catalonia and for Spain. Digital credentials, which each student or lifelong learner can acquire and digitally accumulate on their own personal devices, are a milestone that will mark the path towards new ways of accrediting, registering, accumulating and transferring information about the academic achievements of any person enrolled in our university”, states Màrius Martínez, vice rector for International Relations at the UAB and current president of the ECIU.

The micro-credentials will also be able to be stored on the Europass platform so that students can easly access and manage their file. “Having credentials available, and that are compatible at European level (through the Europass initiative, which is fully compatible with these credentials), is a way to work towards the future of academic accreditation and interoperability of training recognition mechanisms at international scale. This will greatly facilitate things for students and lifelong learners and we are very happy to be a pioneering institution in this area”, states Martínez.

Example of micro-credential

Through the ECIU University Engage platform, students can navigate their own personalised learning routes, with the support of tools and functions such as motivation analysis and a skills passport, which allows them to monitor their progress as they develop their skills and abilities on their profile. These set of tools will help students create their own learning itinerary and improve their professional outlook, providing them with support throughout their professional career.

To reach this reference point, the ECIU University counted on the collaboration of the European Early Adopter Programme in digital credentials, as well as experts and professionals.

The ECIU University learning opportunities consist in challenges and micro-modules that allow students to gain new abilities and skills, connect with potential businesses or entrepreneurs, and have an impact on the societies of which member universities form part. These opportunities are also part of a broader vision of University micro-credentials that can be used as tools to foster active citizenship and empower students.

For more information please attend our online information session at 10 a.m. on 17 November.

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