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Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Primary and secondary students try out journalism at the Faculty of Communication Studies

10 May 2024
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The second Canal de Reporters Day brought 148 primary and secondary school students to the studios and classrooms of the Faculty of Communication Studies of the UAB, where they participated in a series of workshops in which they were able to act as journalists for a day.

Canal de Reporters

Canal de Reporters is an initiative of the Ministry for Education of the Government of Catalonia that consists of organising school journalism workshops to promote education in media. At the opening of the meeting, the general director of Innovation, Digitalisation and Curriculum of the Government of Catalonia, Joan Cuevas, emphasised "the importance of verifying information, being very critical and looking for different sources of information" and evoked one of his first experiences related to news quality, when he was working on the media treatment of the March 2004 bombings in Madrid.

The dean of the Faculty, Enric Marín, also defended "media literacy" and addressed students to say that, regardless of whether they become students of communication studies in the future or take another path, it is "very important to approach communication and develop a  critical capacity", particularly in a "time of uncertainty" like the present, in which "there are not enough filters for the circulation of false information and toxic content".

After the opening speech, students participated in groups in workshops on radio, information verification and safe internet; they also took a walk around the Faculty to discover its facilities. Second year ESO students from the Institut Agustí Serra in Sabadell and primary school students from the Esocla Antoni Balmanya in Barcelona, and the Escola Salvador Espriu in Sant Feliu de Llobregat took part in the event. On the same day, the Canal de Reporters day was also held at the universities of Girona, Lleida and Vic, as well as at the TecnoCampus of Mataró.

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