UAB's archaeology students participate in the Arqueoborn project


The site located where the current cultural and memorial centre is found, in Barcelona, continues to be an enormous source of information in terms of surface, depth and research material. Archaeology students from the UAB are now participating in the Arqueoborn project with the aim of researching and disseminating any new discoveries.


Students from the bachelor's degree in Archaeology at the UAB are participating this summer in the Arqueoborn project which invites young university students to conduct research at the urban site of the El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria. The objective is to have a complete chronostratigraphic sequence from the end of the 13th century up to the year 1717, when this part of the city was destroyed to build the military citadel. Also conducting research are the students of the UB, another university in which archaeology studies are offered.

Arqueoborn is an archaeological research programme set up by the El Born Centre de Cultura i Memòria with the aim of discovering, disseminating and studying the archaeological area of El Born. Founded in 2015, the project aims to showcase the archaeological remains and provide continuity to the site and archaeological materials recovered.

This year's tasks will end with a guided tour of the excavations in which students will explain the discoveries made and some of the curiosities they encountered. Moreover, training sessions will be made available to the public in general on several aspects related to archaeological research, offered by specialists collaborating in this project.


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