Take part in the Festa Major de la UAB!


Are you a student at UAB? Do you have a music band? Or maybe you would prefer to set up a stall? Either way you can participate in FMUAB18 which will take place on November 8th.


On November 8th the university campus will be packed with students, activities and stalls due to the celebration of the FMUAB18. These and many others are the ways in which you can participate, as a member of the UAB community, in the Festa Major. In this edition, the activity programme revolves around the slogan #UABrefugi: l'Autònoma acull (#UABrefuge: the Autònoma shelters). The Alumnat i Ocupabilitat's vice-rector, Sara Moreno, explains the reason under the chosen slogan in a video published on FMUAB's Facebook page.

If you are a group of students and you wish to set up a stall for the Festa Major, you can now apply for it by filling in this form. The stalls are a distinctive mark of the FM and an important part in its own organization. This year the celebration will take place between 1pm and 9pm and will host 55 student stalls. You can check the participation conditions and other logistical questions at the Participació Estudiantil's website. However, it is essential that the group of students are enrolled at UAB in the current academic year (eight minimum).

The students that get a stall will have to attend a training and informative session on the basic operation of the celebration where they will also be trained to contribute in responsible drinking and environmental management, for instance, by using reusable cups. They will also contribute and collaborate on the diffusion of security and evacuation measures. The deadline to apply for one is October 21st and the resolution will be made public on October 24th.

If you act, dance, sing, recite or if you are a DJ or part of a band and you want to perform or play — you can now enter the contest Premi Autònoma Actua. You can submit your proposals to be one of the chosen bands to play in the Festa Major up until October 15th. This year, for the first time, half of the FM performances will be chosen by popular vote on social media.

If you have been part of UAB's community, either as alumni, student body, Administration and Services staff or academic staff and you have attended a previous Festa Major edition, on the occasion of 50 years of Autònoma, Alumni is organizing a contest in order to compile historical pictures from FMUAB. The photographs can be submitted up to October 21st and the winner will be awarded with a Polaroid OneStep 2 camera.

You will soon receive more proposals to participate in the FMUAB18!


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