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The UAB has set up different spaces for the experimentation, innovation and demonstration of new technologies. With the aim of defining the structure of the spaces, uses and a management model, four design thinking sessions have been organised for all those interested in participating in their creation from the beginnning.


The UAB is committed to converting its campus into a place for the experimentation, innovation and demonstration of new technologies and methodologies, both for the research community and its social and productive environment. With this in mind, the university'es intention is to set up a network of co-creation spaces which can serve to foster social and digital innovation within the campus and the surrounding areas.

These spaces will be a new tool for the transfer of product value, maturing of technolgies and experimentation activities which allow evaluating the potential of the technology generated by research at university. They will be open and accessible spaces in which researchers, users and businesses will work together using digital technologies to co-create the knowledge and solutions demanded by today's social needs.

The first UAB Labs to be created will be at the School of Engineering aimed at fostering advanced digital manufacturing and prototyping, and another at the Humanities Library in the field of digital humanities.

Involving the community in four work sessions
In order to define the structure of the spaces, their uses, management model and policy in terms of their relationship with other on and off-campus services, the UAB through its Strategic Research Communities (COREs) has begun a process of co-creation in which all members of the UAB can participate. The objective is for those interested to become co-designers of the UAB Labs straight from the beginning and help to define the spaces.

This process will take place in four design thinking sessionsopen to all those interested. The sessions will work using creative thinking methodologies, which help people to understand and develop creative ways to solve specific issues.

The first session will take place on 8 February from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Study Hall of the Building RR, Plaça Cívica, and will consist in a dynamic participative and teamwork session, oriented towards getting to know each other and the project and sharing needs and possibilities. The session will also include a visit to the spaces of the School of Engineering and the Humanities Library.

To participate please sign up here.

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