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CROMA 2.0 in figures

What is CROMA 2.0?

Recull d'imatges de CROMA 2.0

The CROMA 2.0 programme is a FAS initiative promoting connections between UAB and primary schools in Vallès Occidental where there are students at risk of social exclusion. We want to secure successful futures for our young participants by shoring up school bonding processes.

To do so, we tap the University's teaching and research potential and put UAB students in contact with children from the schools. The students’ main task is to spend time with the children and provide them with educational and emotional support, since their socioeconomic and personal circumstances pose challenges to the attainment of academic success.

CROMA stands for Cohesion, Reference point, Opportunity, Motivation and Autonomy.

If you would like to volunteer with CROMA 2.0, please see the information at this link