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CROMA 2.0 activities

CROMA 2.0 workshops

The remedial learning workshops are targeted at years 5 and 6 primary-school children (aged 10 to 12) and understood as a relaxed work environment distinct to the regular classroom and which can encourage good integration, attitude and motivation among the children.

The core activities at the workshops are divided into three terms. First-term sessions work on group dynamics on the basis of activities that boost self-esteem, group cohesion, respect and value for a diversity of personalities, cooperative work, discussion, expression, active schooling and individual and group participation. The goal is to create an optimal workspace where member diversity is valued to leverage it to power teamwork and jointly deliver on desired outcomes.

During terms two and three and on the back of the collaboration by the UAB teams of researchers and investigators, small projects are implemented around the experimental sciences and the arts, humanities and social studies. Two projects are developed in semester two and one more in semester three.

Throughout the year there is cross-cutting work on organisational habits and task planning and support is given to question-solving in learning so the children can acquire tools and strategies that favour autonomy.

Days: the workshops are held twice a week, Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday.

Times: 4.30 to 6.30 pm or 5 to 7 pm, depending on the school This timetable is distributed into a 90-minute workshop with the children and a 30-minute evaluation of each session by the coordinator and team of volunteers.

Student ratio: 12 children per workshop.


The activity is held in six municipalities across Vallès Occidental: Barberà, Cerdanyola, Montcada i Reixac, Rubí, Sabadell and Terrassa. All up, CROMA engages with 240 primary school students from 20 schools. The plan is for 30-plus university students to participate in the programme every year: 10 scholarship students/coordinators, 1 support scholarship student and 20 student volunteers.