History of the faculty

History of the Faculty

The Faculty of Biosciences of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona began its trajectory in September 2006, when the Government of Catalonia formally approved its creation after the division of the Faculty of Sciences. The Faculty of Biosciences initially offered bachelor's degrees in Biology, Biotechnology and Biochemistry. Despite its youth, our faculty has ample teaching experience in the field of Life Sciences thanks to the many years in which it offered the degrees in Biology (since the 1970/71 academic year), Biochemistry (since the 1991/92 academic year) and Biotechnology (since the 1998/99 academic year), which were already previously offered at the Faculty of Sciences of the UAB.

The creation of the Faculty of Biosciences allowed the UAB to experience the convergence with the European Higher Education Area with an innovative offer of degrees-unique in all of Spain. The professional and scientific diversity of Life Sciences was collected and reflected in the new faculty, and offers academic contents which are comparable to the approach taken on by several universities abroad with a great tradition in this area of knowledge.