Administrative structure

In order to guarantee teaching and research support to the Faculty, the center has the administration and services staff. It is a group of approximately 96 people who carry out their work in different areas of administrative and technical support in the Faculty.

The tasks of administration and organization of the services of the Faculty are coordinated by the Administration of the Center. The center administrator is the person responsible for the management of the university services, the administrative and services staff and the management of the budget in the territorial area that has been delegated to him by the  Management.

Under its responsibility the basic services of technical and administrative support of the center for the development of the approved teaching and the search of the field are structured.

Academic management
Economic management
Departments of the Faculty
Library: Biblioteca de Comunicació i Hemeroteca General
Logistical service
Computer service
Audiovisual laboratories

Center administrator: Anna Maria Bosch Benabarre
Secretary: Marc Fabregat Arimon


Academic manager: Cristina Piedras Borras

Economic manager: Mònica Jardí Vinagre

Distributed computer service: Adolfo Amo Laínez

Biblioteca de Comunicació i Hemeroteca General: Tomàs Fabregat Anglés


Logical services: Trini Expósito Rico

Audiovisuals laboratories: Pierre Caufapé Sarramona