Dean's foreword


Dean's message

On behalf of the entire university community, teaching and research staff, the students already enrolled and the administration and services staff, I am pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Communication Studies, both BA and MA degree students, as well as exchange and doctoral students. The spaces of our faculty (classrooms, laboratories, library, bar...) will witness a fundamental stage of your lives. A stage of advanced training that will enable you intellectually and professionally in the studies of Audiovisual Communication, Organisational Communication, Interactive Communication, Journalims, or Advertising and Public Relations, and also in any of the Master's degrees you have chosen to complete your academic training, in the parallel paths of research and professional training. 

A pioneering centre for university communication students in the Catalan linguistic and cultural space, the UAB Faculty of Communication Studies and its departments have seen their academic, teaching and research project updated and strengthened in recent years. This has been the result of a well-focused and well-done work, with milestones such as the renewal of the syllabuses of the three "classic" degrees and the expansion of the educational offer with two new degrees. Also with the launch of strategic projects such as UABmèdia and COMTEC (Communication and Technology). All this while successfully completing the accreditation process of the faculty. A process that allows us to renew the capacity for improvement of our centre and that has greased the transversal mechanisms in the management of teaching quality.

Allow me to tell you that I am convinced that choosing to train in this faculty was a good decision. It was the right choice for two reasons.

Firstly, because the study programme we offer are highly valued at national and international level, and because the number of agreements with companies for internships far outweighs the number of students we have. Also because the area that generates the most employment and the most new professional profiles is the macro-sector of information and communication, in the dual dimension of technology and content production.

And, secondly, because in its more than 50 years of existence our Faculty has benefited greatly from being part of the UAB; an innovative university oriented towards excellence, which regularly appears among the three most highly valued in Spain in international rankings. A true city of knowledge conceived as a university campus that facilitates interdisciplinary contacts in the field of research and teaching.

The teaching and research project in the field of communication at the UAB is well established. For this reason, in the current context of digital revolution and accelerated social transformations in which communication has become a powerful lever for social change, our faculty is in a position to take on new challenges and new responsibilities with the will to lead, with civic commitment and a strong vocation for public service.

In the Faculty we will provide you with the finest teachers and researchers, the most qualified administration and services staff, and the necessary infrastructures to learn. 

You have myself and the Dean's Office at your disposal to improve everything you need. I sincerely hope that the years you spend with us are lived intensely and that, later on, you will have pleasant memories with a touch of nostalgia. Make the most of these years of coexistence, knowledge and training by making the Faculty your own!

Enric Marín i Otto