Theatre Exhibitions Hall

Beca CJ Connecta't a la Fotografia 2016

The Scholarship Carnet Jove 'Connecta't a la Fotografia 2016's travelling exhibition shows the work of the recipient of this scholarship and the work of the four candidates who were shorlisted.

The scholarchip 'Connecta't a la Fotografia' seeks to facilitate recipients the access to the labour market by offering them a 1-year internship as part-time photographers at the Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia, where they will have at least 20 photographs published.

Pothographs by the recipient of the scholarship Neus Mascarós Martínez and the shortlisted candidates Laura Gómez Lerena, Manoela Cristina Wolfart, Carles Callís Pascual and Montserrat Giralt.

The winning photo story by photojournalist from Valencia Neus Mascarós, titled 'Digna Trinitat' (Honourable Trinitat), portraits the Trinitat Nova neighbourhood in Barcelona ant the dignity of the working-class people who live there.


From 24 April to 23 June 2017.

Exhibitions Hall of the UAB Theatre (Plaça Cívica).