Cinema previews

Imatge Sala Cinema UAB

Every Thursday at 1:00pm the UAB Cinema is one step ahead of other cinemas. The UAB Cinema holds a film previews in original version for free, in order to promote films that on the next say will be on some important cinemas in Barcelona.

You can pick up your ticket entrance at the Sala Cinema UAB the same day from 12:00pm to 13:00pm. The entrance is free!

Next preview on September 20th!


Thursday June 28th at 1 pm
Nos vemos allá arriba (Au revoir là-haut, 2017), by Albert Dupontel

Nos vemos allá arriba : Cartel

Thursday June 21st at 1 pm
El orden divino (Die göttliche Ordnung, 2017), by Petra Biondina Volpe

Thursday June 14th at 1 pm
Los 50 son los nuevos 30 (Marie-Francine, 2016), de Valerie Lemercier

Los 50 son los nuevos 30 : Cartel


Thursday June 7th at 1 pm
En tiempos de luz menguante (In Zeiten des abnehmenden Lichts, 2017), by Matti Geschonneck

Resultat d'imatges de En tiempos de luz menguante 2017

Thursday May 31th at 1 pm
Bendita ignorancia (Beata ignoranza, 2017), by Massimiliano Bruno

Resultat d'imatges de beata ignoranza 2017

The film recounts the story of two professors that discuss about the real use of social media. One of them is strict and conservative and the other one is joyful and modern. Reflecting on this issue they will even exchange their lives with the purpose of endorsing their own affirmations.

Country: Italy / Runtime: 102 minutes / Genre: Comedy / Language: Italian with spanish subtitles

Thursday May 24th at 1 pm
Caras y lugares (Visages villages, 2017), by Agnès Varda i J.R.

Resultat d'imatges de caras y lugares


Thursday May 17th at 1 pm
The Workshop (L'atelier, 2017)by Laurent Cantet

Resultat d'imatges de el taller de escritura laurent cantet

Thursday May 10th at 1 pm
Maria by Callas (2017), by Tom Volf


Thursday May 3rd at 1 pm
Lou Andreas-Salomé (2016)by Cordula Kablitz-Post


Thursday April 26th at 1 pm
Lucky ( 2017)by John Carroll Lynch

Thursday April 19th at 1 pm
Custodia compartida (Jusqu'à la garde, 2017)by Xavier Legrand
Custodia compartida

Thursday April 12th at 1 pm
El buen maestro (Les grands esprits, 2017), by Olivier Ayache-Vidal

Thursday March 22th at 1 pm
Una razón brillante (Le brio, 2017), by Yvan Attal

Resultat d'imatges de una razon brillante 2017

Thursday March 15th at 1 pm
El Cairo confidencial (The Nile Hilton Incident, 2017), by Tarik Saleh

Resultat d'imatges de el cairo confidencial

Thursday March 8th at 1 pm
El insulto (L'insulte, 2017), by Ziad Doueiri

Resultat d'imatges de el insulto 2017

Thursday March 1st at 1 pm
La muerte de Stalin (The Death of Stalin, 2017), by Armando Iannucci
La muerte de Stalin : Cartel

Thursday February 22th at 1 pm
En la sombra (Aus dem Nichts / In the Fade, 2017), by Fatih Akin

Resultat d'imatges de en la sombra fatih akin

Thursday February 15th at 1 pm
The Party (2017) , by Sally Potter

Resultat d'imatges de the party avalon

Thursday February 8th at 1 pm
The Florida Project, by Sean Baker

The Florida Project : Cartel

Thursday February 1st at 1 pm
Déjate llevar (Lasciati andare, 2017), by Francesco Amato

DÚjate llevar : Cartel

Thursday January 25th at 1 pm
Sin amor (Loveless / Nelyubov, 2017), by Andrey Zvyagintsev

Resultat d'imatges de sin amor loveless

Thursday January 18th at 1 pm
120 pulsaciones por minuto (120 battements par minute, 2017), by Robin Campillo

120 Pulsaciones por minuto : Cartel

Thursday December 14th at 1 pm
Muchos hijos, un mono y un castillo (2017), by Gustavo Salmerón

Thursday November 30th at 1 pm
Directions (Posoki, 2017), by Stephan Komandarev

Resultat d'imatges de destinos posoki

Thursday November 23rd at 1 pm
En realidad, nunca estuviste aquí (You Were Never Really Here), by Lynne Ramsay (2017)

Imatge relacionada

Thursday November 16th at 1 pm
Tierra Firme (Anchor and Hope), by Carlos Marqués-Marcet (2017)

Thursday November 9th at 13.30 pm
The Square, by Ruben Östlund (2017)

The Square : Cartel

Thursday October 26th at 13 pm
El tercer asesinato, by Hirokazu Kore (2017)

Thursday October 19th at 13 pm
Handia, by Jon Garaño i Aitor Arregui (2017)