Study plan

The minor consists of 120 ECTS credits, of which 30 are compulsory, divided into 5 subjects worth 6 ECTS credits each. 

1. Social Sciences' Itinerary

Subject ECTS Period
101252 Anthropology of Gender Systems 6 Six-monthly
101244 Person, Body, Health and Gender 6 Six-monthly
101143 Gender and Ethnicity 6 Six-monthly
101154 Sociology of Gender 6 Six-monthly
101534 Gender and Society in East Asia 6 Six-monthly
105811 Globalisation and Gender 6 Six-monthly
105809 Interdisciplinary Seminar: Current Critical Debates 6 Six-monthly
105813 Crime and Women 6 Six-monthly
105814 Gender Violence 6 Six-monthly
105804 Economics and Gender Inequality 6 Six-monthly

2. Arts and the Humanities' Itinerary

Subject ECTS Period
100288 Philosophy and Gender 6 Six-monthly
100379 Archaeology of Women 6 Six-monthly
100369 History and Gender in the Ancient Times 6 Six-monthly
100368 History of Women in the Middle Ages 6 Six-monthly
100370 History and Gender in the Modern Age 6 Six-monthly
105803 Women's History in the Modern Centuries 6 Six-monthly
105816 The Body: A Cultural Archive 6 Six-monthly
100207 Gender Studies in English 6 Six-monthly
105799 Gender and Advertising Discourse 6 Six-monthly
105817 Socio-cultural Representation of Masculinities 6 Six-monthly


Teaching Guides for the subjects on the Minor may be consulted through the UAB Digital Repository of Documents by entering the subject code into application’s search engine. Please note that the Teaching Guides for the following academic year are published at the end of the current academic year.

IMPORTANT: Not all subjects in the Minor programme are offered every academic year. Subjects offered in the following academic year can be consulted at a later stage in the Timetables for the Minor. These timetables are updated at the end of the current academic year.  

Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Ten places will be reserved for students enrolled in the minor in addition to those students who are already taking the subject as part of their degree studies.
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