Minor in Philosophy Studies

Study plan

The syllabus consists of 84 optional credits of which students must take 30. Students must have an interview with the coordinator before registering for these courses to ensure that they select the most appropriate according to their profile, expectations and priorities. 

  Subject ECTS Period
100285 Human Rights 6 Six-monthly
100311 Epistemology 6 Six-monthly
100277 Aesthetics 6 Six-monthly
100282 Ethics 6 Six-monthly
100290 Philosophy of Art 6 Six-monthly
100312 Philosophy of Science 6 Six-monthly
100028 Philosophy of Culture 6 Six-monthly
100316 Philosophy of the Mind 6 Six-monthly
100288 Philosophy and Gender 6 Six-monthly
100284 Political Philosophy 6 Six-monthly
100292 Introduction to Philosophical Problems 6 Six-monthly
100293 Reading Philosophical Texts 6 Six-monthly
100303 Metaphysics 6 Six-monthly
100294 Theory and Practice of Reasoning 6 Six-monthly


Teaching Guides for the subjects on the Minor may be consulted through the UAB Digital Repository of Documents by entering the subject code into application’s search engine. Please note that the Teaching Guides for the following academic year are published at the end of the current academic year.

IMPORTANT: Not all subjects in the Minor programme are offered every academic year. Subjects offered in the following academic year can be consulted at a later stage in the Timetables for the Minor. These timetables are updated at the end of the current academic year.  


Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Each year 20 places will be available.
Academic coordination

Pilar Dellunde
Tel. 93 581 32 30
Department of Philosophy