Mínor d'Estudis Hispanoamericans

Admission criteria

To enroll in a minor students must submit their application in the set period, during their second or third year. In any case, they must have passed a minimum of 60 ECTS credits of the degree they are studying at that moment. Once a minor has been started, it is not possible to enroll in a new one.

Although no entrance exam is required, it is compulsory to hold an interview with the coordinator before applying. If the number of applicants is higher than the places offered, the selection will be made according to the academic transcript.

Admission and enrolment takes place as according to general enrolment and academic procedures at UAB.

Process and calendar

Selection process: Academic Administration Office of the Faculty of Philosophy and Arts:
Enrolment of students admitted to the minor: enrolment in the itinerary is carried out at the same time as students enrol in their other degree subjects.

If the student is admitted in the minor before enrolling in other degree subjects, they will be able to enrol in all subjects following the normal enrolment procedure at their centre. However, if the student is admitted after having enrolled in other degree subjects, they will need to visit the Academic Administration Office and modify their transcript. In this case, no additional charge will be applied for these modifications.

2nd Period Procedure
From 12 to 16 July 2021 Pre-registration
Pre-registration is done online
6 September 2021 (deadline) Resolution
According to each centre's calendar Lectures will begin
According to each centre's calendar Enrolment
Faculty of Arts and Humanities
Academic coordination

Beatriz Ferrus