Intensive course on interpretation of the natural heritage

Do you want to be a nature guide? Are you already a nature guide and do you want to improve your interpretation skills? This course will give you the basics, both theoretical and practical, necessary to carry out guiding activities in natural settings, from the point of view of nature and ecotourism guiding, as well as for diverse activities that take place in nature centered on interpretation of the natural heritage.

Participants will learn different types of tools and techniques related to the profession of the nature guiding, the preparation and execution of guided routes, communication and interpretation of natural heritage, the use of natural resources and the evaluation of their activities.


• The guiding profession: definition
• Typology of guides related to tourism and the natural and cultural heritage
• The profile of the guide: qualities, abilities, limitations and potentialities
• Types of tourism related to nature and culture
• Types of guided tours: generic and specialized
• Analysis of the different natural resources -geology, flora, mycology, wildlife, cultural, and intangible associated elements
• Guiding activities and their relationship with different elements: means of transport, environments, moments of the day, etc
• Heritage interpretation. Characteristics of interpretation
• Thematic-phrases, context and universalities. Tools for interpretative guiding. Brief history of interpretation
• The interpretative talk. Work with individual objects. The overcoming of barriers. Spoken and body language
• The presentation of interpretative talks. Introduction and development of thematic lines
• The interpretative walks. Presentation of mental maps. Introduction to critical interpretation
• Learning about sustainability. Moving interpretation
• The certification process. Written test. Preparation of the proceedings and results of the tests
• Presentation of interpretative talks


The course will be very enjoyable and practical and will promote the active participation of the students throughout all the sessions. More than 70% of the course will be practical through classroom and field exercises to apply the theory explained and include demonstrations by the professor. To receive the certification, an evaluation will be made of all concepts acquired and a practical test in the field, as well as a brief assignment – the design of a interpretative walk- after the finalization of the classroom sessions.

Target student profile

Especially aimed at active nature guides, professionals from the tourism and nature sector - nature or culture guides, educators, informers, forest guards and natural parks, other types of guides and professionals -, or entrepreneurs interested in tourism and nature and the culture in environments with natural resources

Duration of the course

The course will be offered in an intensive in person modality (48 class hours, week-long) at the University School of Tourism and Hotel Management of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Campus of Bellaterra). Field work will be done mainly in the natural area of the UAB Campus.

The course calendar will be as follows:

- Monday to Saturday (1st to 6th of July, 2019). From 9.30am to 1:30pm and from 3pm to 7pm.

Students can ask for accommodation at Hotel Exe Campus or at Vila Universitària apartments, both located next door of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management.

Coordination of the course and teaching staff

The course is coordinated and taught by Evarist March Sarlat, a graduate in Biology, a professional nature guide, certified trainer of Interpret Europe  and director of Naturalwalks.


Once the course has been passed (with a minimum attendance of 80% of in person hours), the School of Tourism and Hotel Management will grant the certificate of attendance and passing the course.

If, in addition, the student passes the course evaluation process, they will obtain a Certificate as an Interpretative guide from Interpret Europe, the organization that represents Heritage Interpretation professionals in Europe. This certificate includes a free annual membership fee for Interpret Europe.

Course price

Tuition for the course costs 650 euros (600 euros for students and alumni of UAB and the School of Tourism and Hotel Management).


In order to formalize the registration the candidates will have to make the payment of the course fee before the 31st of May of 2019 in the following link. Academic management will send an email to the student confirming registration to the course.

In the case of needing an invoice or a document accrediting the registration of the course, click here and complete the required information.