Special rates and discounts

See all the special rates and discounts available on the webpage for each course

These are the discounts you can enjoy during the 2022-2023 academic year for all our specialisation courses.

Discounts on registration and payment*

•    10% discount on advanced registration, up to 4 weeks before the beginning of the course (extendable up to eight weeks where there is a holiday period). 
•    3% discount for payment of the full registration fee at the time of registering, for courses that allow payment in instalments. 

*Both discounts may be applied.

Special rates for graduates of the Escola FUAB Formació**:

•    Special rates for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree graduates and postgraduate diploma holders from the FUAB schools: 5% discount.
•    Special rates for holders of specialisation courses certificates from the FUAB schools: 3% discount.

**These discounts are not cumulable (in the case of belonging to more than one of these groups you must choose only one) and are only applicable for credits in the first registration. 

Special rates for other groups and members of collaborating organisations ***

*** These discounts are not cumulable between them with those of other groups: