Curricular placements - Hotel Management

The Bachelor's Degree in Hotel Management has three curricular placement subjects: Workplacement (COMPULSORY), Catering Placement (OPTIONAL) and National and International Placements (OPTIONAL). These placements are undertaken in external companies, in this country or abroad.

The Practicum and the National and International Placement each last 250 hours and count for 12 credits. The Catering Placement lasts 125 hours and counts for 6 credits.

Access to placements

The School, through its Jobs Bank and Placements Unit, offers its students over 700 places at partner institutions and companies in all sectors of Tourism.

These offers are posted on the UAB Campus Virtual intranet and on social networks. All students may apply for these offers as indicated in each one. Once selected, students should contact the Placements Unit for the cooperation agreement to be drawn up.

Admission requirements

To undertake a placement, students must meet the following requirements.

a) They must be enrolled on the corresponding course within the study programme.

b) They must not be employed by the partner organisation where they wish to undertake the placement or be related up to the second degree of kinship to a manager or external tutor.