Work Placement and Final Project

Work Placement and Final Project

Work Placement and Practicum

Work placements are carried out under the corresponding agreement with the company or institution in which they take place. Assessment will be made according to the criteria set down in the study guide, taking into account the report students must hand in, which will need to be evaluated by the UAB tutor based on the report drafted by the external tutor.

Final Projects

Information on the Final Project and Master Thesis must be published in the study guide and contain the following information:

  1. Evaluation criteria.
  2. Monitoring and tutorial activities programmed.
  3. Format in which the project or thesis must be presented (structure, file extension, support documents).
  4. Deadline for presenting the project or thesis.
  5. Revision procedures.

The evaluation of the project or thesis will always be on an individual basis, even if it is presented in group.

Bachelor's Degree Final Project

Your undergraduate studies finalise with the preparation and presentation of a project which will be evaluated for the overall skills you have acquired in your degree. The Final Project is carried out in the last course of your degree.

Master Thesis

The Master Thesis consists of a written thesis which you must present in front of a committee chosen by the master committee. Additional components may be taken into account towards your final grade, such as the evaluation of your thesis by one of the programme's lecturers, a report from your director or tutor, or if applicable, a report from the entity in which you carried out your thesis.