Curricular placements

The School of Prevention and Integral Safety and Security, as a university centre oriented to the generation of professionals in risk prevention and safety, has a Programme of Professional Practice consisting of a network of collaborating companies and institutions, which offer a placements service to strengthen knowledge and the acquisition of professional competences.

The Professional Practice Programme:

  • Is managed by the Jobs Bank and Placements Unit, which works for our students and to facilitate the management of the placements with the collaborating institutions.
  • In the 2016-2017 academic year, 75% of placements offered were remunerated.
  • In the 2016-2017 academic year an average of three placements were offered for each student registered.
  • During the 2016-2017 academic year 23% of our students were later contracted in the centres where they undertook the placement.
  • There are practicals in all areas of security studied by student in their degree course (public security, private and corporate security).

  • You must be registered for the External Placement subject, which is optional in the fourth year. These placements have a duration of 300 hours.  


  • All the available offers of placements appear on the Moodle for External Placements, together with a description.
  • The company will phone the selected students for the interview stage.

Signing the agreement

Once the company has informed the student that they are accepted, the student should contact the Jobs Bank and Placements Unit ( to sign the agreement which specifies that this is a curricular placement.

The agreement is a document containing the rights and obligations of both parties (company, student and school) in relation to the placement period. It is essential that all parties sign the agreement in order to begin the placement.  

Once the director of the centre has signed the agreement, the student should take three copies, sign them and take them to be signed by the person responsible at the company. Of the three signed copies, the company will keep one, the student another and the third must be returned to the Jobs Bank and Placements Unit of the school.
During the placement

  • Once the student has undertaken 50% of the placement, they must write a report using the model document on Moodle and send it to the placement tutor. The tutor in the company must also send a report to the school. Both model documents are available on the External Placement Moodle.

  • In the case of any kind of incident, the student must contact the tutor or the Jobs Bank and Placements Unit, which will decide on the best way to handle it.

End of the placement

  • Once the placement period has finished, the student must send a final report using the model document which is an annexe to the agreement and send it to the placement tutor. The tutor at the company tutor must also send a final report to the school. The model documents are also available on the Moodle for External Placements.

  • The grade for the placement will be available at the end of June in accordance with the criteria that appears in the course guide.

Recognition of External Placement

Curricular placements can be recognised for those students who can accredit any work experience lasting longer than one year in the areas covered by the placements.  

To do so they must make an application to the Academic Management office accompanied by an official employment record showing their experience in the sector and the post in their curricular specialisation:
  • Risk prevention officer
  • Private security company
  • Public security company