Procedure for offering placements

If your company would like to take part in the placement programme, please contact us at, and send us the filled-in placement request form.

Offers will be published on the Moodle for External Placements, which is available to registered students, so that they can send and application form and their CV.
The company will receive the applications and may arrange an interview to make the final selection.
A placement calendar will be agreed with the selected students and the company, the centre and the student will sign an agreement setting out the placement conditions.

Monitoring and assessment of the placements

Communication between the company and the school is fortnightly.
At the midpoint of the placement, both the student and the company tutor must make an appraisal report on the activities carried out during the first period. Equally, once the placement has finished the student and the company tutor will make an appraisal report of the whole period, with an evaluation of the student by the tutor.
The evaluation by the company (made by the tutor) must include an objective assessment in a standardised format:
— Level of fulfilment by the student with regard to the competences and training objectives, attitude and aptitude, etc.
— Overall assessment of attendance and the carrying out of the placement in the company.