The aim of the Minor in Korean Studies (30 ECTS) is to provide B.A. students with basic knowledge of the Korean language, culture and history, training them so that they can function effectively in professional environments in which this knowledge constitutes an added value.
Students of the Minor will receive language training that will allow them to obtain a basic level (CEFR A1) of Korean langauage.

Student profile

The Minor in Korean Studies is aimed at students of any B.A. at the UAB* who wish to acquire basic knowledge of the Korean language, culture and history. Especially, we address students who would like to implement such knowledge effectively in professional and academic environments where this knowledge constitutes an added value.

In this sense, the minor proposes completing the academic curriculum of UAB students as future professionals in fields ranging from Arts and Humanities to Social Sciences, but it can also be beneficial for students in Pure Sciences and Engineering, so that they are able to work in specialized sectors with close economic and socio-cultural ties with Korea.

* Students form the B.A. in East Asian Studies cannot enrol in this Minor, since the subjects that make up the proposal are part of their degree.


Faculty of Translation and Interpreting

Ten places are offered each year.

Academic coordination

Ester Torres Simón
Department of Translation and Interpretation & East Asian Studies


Fees adjust to public fees of the main BA of the student.