The objective of the minor in Gender Studies is to provide basic, cross-curricular and versatile training in specialised subjects of social studies and the humanities whose contents focus on the perspective of gender, with special emphasis in the analysis and impact of gender hierarchy and the social and cultural constructions they are based on.

Projecte Menció Encarna Sanahuja Yll 

Student profile

Students taking a minor in Gender Studies are students enrolled in a UAB degree, interested in completing their university training with specific studies focused on gender-related issues.
No previous knowledge on the subjects of the minor is required..


Lectures will be given at different faculties according to the subjects.
Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Thirty places will be reserved for students enrolled in the minor in addition to those students who are already taking the subject as part of their degree studies.

Academic coordination
Lucia Cotarelo Esteban
Tel. 93 581 12 16
Departament de Filosofia