Double bachelor's degree UAB-TRU

Thompson Rivers University in Canada has informed the UAB International Relations Department (ARI), the UAB Office of the Vice President for International Relations (VRRI) and the Faculty of Biosciences that the agreement in which the double degree UAB-TRU is framed, is currently suspended.

This decision is due to the fact that TRU students do not show interest in making long stays abroad. The ARI, the VRRI and the Faculty of Biosciences are working to offer TRU students a satisfactory alternative that would allow them to do more tailored stays at the UAB, and allow our students to continue to enjoy the possibility of perform and obtain the Double Degree. Anyway, this process is long and we regret to report that we will not be able to offer the Double Degree during the 2023-24 academic year.


Biosciences Deanship



The UAB has reached an agreement with the Thompson Rivers University (TRU), from Canada, that allows UAB students from the Biology and Microbiology bachelor’s degrees to continue part of their studies in Canada and vice versa, obtaining a double bachelor’s degree. Students will obtain both UAB and TRU degrees.

Students enrolled in Biology and Microbiology bachelor’s degrees, will have the possibility to access to these double bachelor’s degrees. There will be a maximum of two vacancies for each degree and university: two students of each degree of the UAB will go to the TRU and vice versa.

The stay spans the second semester of the 3rd year and the first semester of the 4th. In addition, during the summer between the two semesters, students will do an internship period in Canada. The Canadian students that come to the UAB will do exactly the same. In both cases, students will obtain the bachelor’s degree in Microbiology or in Biology by the UAB and the Bachelor in Sciences qualification, in particular the specialisation Major in Cellular, Molecular and Microbial Biology, issued by the TRU.