Inauguration of the 2020/21 academic year

Gemma Puigvert i Joaquim Segalťs

Gemma Puigvert will receive the II Prize for Teaching Excellence and Joaquim Segalés will give a speech on the COVID-19 pandemic in the institutional event to be held to inaugurate the UAB's 2020/21 academic year. The event will take place on 1 October at 12 noon. Assistance will be limited and a live streaming will be offered.


On 1 October, the conference hall of the Rectorat building will play host to the institutional inauguration of the 2020/21 academic year at the UAB. The event also will serve to award Gemma Puigvert, lecturer and director of the Department of Antiquity and Middle Age Studies, the II Prize in Teaching Excellence. Joaquim Segalés, professor of the Department of Animal Health and Anatomy, will give the inaugural speech, entitled "COVID-19: d'on venim, on som i on anem. Ciència, conspiració i infodèmia" [COVID-19: where we come from, where we are and where are we going. Science, conspiracy and infodemic]. The event will take place at 12 noon and assistance will be limited. A live streaming will be offered through the UAB's YouTube channel.

Institutional parliaments will be given by UAB Rector Margarita Arboix; UAB Social Council President Gabriel Masfurroll; Cerdanyola del Vallès Mayor Carlos Cordón; and Catalonia's Minister for Business and Knowledge Ramon Tremosa. The inauguration will also include a musical performance by the UAB Choir which will interpret the pieces Pare by Joan Manuel Serrat and Viva la vida by Coldplay.

Leaders in Teaching Innovation

Joan Carbonell, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, will gloss over the contributions of lecturer Gemma Puigvert, who will be awarded the II Prize in Teaching Excellence. According to the jury, she will be awarded the prize for "the central importance teaching has had in her academic career, particularly in terms of her dedication to students, coordination of teaching groups, leadership and participation in innovative teaching projects, the internationalisation of teaching and a high degree of institutional involvement with her teaching centre and the University".

Gemma Puigvert has coordinated the bachelor's degrees in Classical sTudies and Humanities, as well as help to coordinate material in Latin to be used in the university entrance exams. Her lines of research focus on the tradition of the classics, the teaching of the Latin language and medieval Latin literature.

The UAB awards this prize each year in recognition of the teaching trajectory of a member of the University with at least ten years of experience. The award also comes with a five thousand euro cash prize. Candidates are presented by the deans or directors of each centre and the jury is made up of representatives of the governing team, the Social Council, the Institute of Educational Sciences, the university administration and students.

The award winner will become one of the candidates the UAB will present in the next edition of the Catalan Government's Vicens Vives Awards. In last year's edition, which was also the first edition, the winner of the Prize in Teaching Excellence was lecturer Sònia Parella from the Department of Sociology.


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