With the Buddy Programme, you get the chance to discover cultures from around the world by interacting with other students


This on-line activity, which opens today, aimed at students from the UAB Summer School, will allow them to experience telematically an international context by participating in activities that go beyond teaching.


Today opens the Buddy Programme, an online activity that will allow you to be part of the UAB Summer School. Through a virtual platform, every day you will discover the most typical of Catalan culture, as well as other cultures from around the world. Students will also be able to share their experience through the social networks or groups that will be created for the occasion.

Throughout the rest of June and early July, therefore, international and local students who have already participated in other activities such as the Mentor Programme or the Tandem, as well as those who want to join, will be able to discover different challenges. Every day, one of the many sections of this virtual platform will be uncovered and will be able to perform very diverse activities such as chess tournaments, do physical exercise with the UAB miles away or, if you prefer, you can choose to learn Catalan in a dynamic way through a course that will start from scratch.

On the other hand, the activity will allow a better understanding of some of the particularities of Catalan culture, such as how the human towers are made. Also, if you fancy more, you can show your cooking side, trying to make recipes from all over the world that some students have been preparing these days.

All this is to enjoy the summer with other members of the UAB, with whom you can interact through a Whats App group, social networks or some contests that are prepared. So don’t hesitate to share your experience on Instagram with the hashtag #UABSummerSchool.


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