UNANIMUN UAB is awarded as the Best Delegation and wins two individual prizes in the KrakMUN 2019


UAB’s delegation ‘UNANIMUN’ was awarded as the Best Delegation and won two individual prizes in the KrakMUN 2019, a conference that follows the Model of the United Nations, which took place from 1 to 3 March in the Cracow University of Economics.


The delegation UNANIMUN de la UAB attended the conference KrakMUN 2019 from 1 to 3 March in the Cracow University of Economics (Poland), where they were awarded with the prize as Best Delegation for their work and leadership during the conference, as well as two individual prizes to the delegates of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation committee: student Hugo Banderas as Best Delegate and Marina Tovar with and Honorable Mention.

UNANIMUN is an association registered in UAB’s elDirectori whose role is to assist conferences that follow the Model of the United Nations, both in the national and international level. During those conferences, which usually last from three to four days, each delegate is assigned to a country from the UN. They go to a specific committee and represent the country by defending their position before several current problems that are relevant in an international level; the aim is to get to an agreement to solve these problems.

One of the problems that was discussed in KrakMUN 2019 was how to protect the doctors that offer medical services in war zones. Among the different solutions discussed, the idea of creating neutral zones for people who need or provide medical care was brought up, so that neither of the belligerent parts can attack this area by claiming it as “collateral damage”. Each country contributes with solutions and then they get to an agreement with the one that has more consensus.

Next activities

The 14th Edition of the Catalonia Model United Nations (C’MUN), the reference UN model in Spain, will take place in Barcelona from 25 to 28 April. This is one of the biggest conferences in Europe with more than 400 participants from around the world. Some of UAB’s UNANIMUN delegates will collaborate and take part in the conference.

Likewise, some delegates from UNANIMUN will also attend the MarmaraMUN Conference, the Model of the United Nations in Istanbul (Turkey), which will take place from 18 to 21 April.


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