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UAB project on new treatments for Alheimer's disease awarded funding from the BrightFocus Foundation

29 Jun 2022
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The BrighFocus Foundation will provide $300,000 in funding to a project studying changes in the expression of genes found in a type of neuron vulnerable to Allzheimer's disease. The research, led by INc-UAB researchers Carles Saura and Arnaldo Parra, will also be analysing how these changes can cause alterations in neuronal circuits involved in the menory process.

Equip recerca de Carlos Saura

UAB Institut de Neurociències (INc-UAB) researchers Carles Saura and Arnaldo Parra were awarded a grant from the BrightFocus Foundation, an American foundation providing funding for research projects dedicated to Alzheimer's disease, glaucoma and macular degeneration, for their project entitled «Targeting excitatory neural circuits in Alzheimer’s disease».

During the next three years, researchers will be studying changes in the gene expression and activity of excitatory neurons that are vulnerable in relation to Alzheimer's disease by using new genetic models and neuronal modulation tools, as well as analyse how these alterations affect the neuronal circuits involved in memory processes.

This approach, pioneer in all of Spain, aims to identify new specific therapeutic targets and early biomarkers among neuronally vulnerable populations, in addition to advancing in the knowledge of molecular mechanisms involved in this neurodegenerative disease.

For more information please visit:

BrightFocus Foundation website

Original article:

Carlos A Saura, Ángel Deprada, María Dolores Capilla-López, Arnaldo Parra-Damas. Revealing cell vulnerability in Alzheimer's disease by single-cell transcriptomics. Semin Cell Dev Biol, 2022 May 24; S1084-9521(22)00164-1 https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35623983/