The "UABGames", from 6 to 9 November


Football 7, wheelchair basketball, basketball, volleyball, rugby, badminton, paddle tennis, tennis, squash, Quidditch, korfball, kindball, ultimate, padball, racquetball, courtsoccer, ZMBa, cycling, laugh therapy, and cardioranking are some of the sports included in the UABGames, held from 6 to 9 November at the UAB.


The whole UAB community can participate in two ways: in the competitions and in the organisational tasks.

As part of the 50th Anniversary of the UAB and during the week of the Festa Major, from 6 to 9 November, the UAB will be celebrating the first edition of the UABGames.

Under the motto Mens Sana in Corpore Sano and focusing on the values of respect and healthy habits the UAB will hold a series of cross-curricular, inclusive and solidarity sports activities.

The UAB encourages members of the university community to participate in the UABGames, which offers different activities each day:

-Team sports: football 7, wheelchair basketball, basketball, volleyball, rugby
-Individual sports: badminton, paddle tennis, tennis, squash
-Alternative sports: Quidditch, korfball, kind ball, ultimate, padball, racqetball, court soccer)
-e-Sports: FIFA, League of Legends, HearthStone, mini-games and Just Dance).
-Fitness activities: ZMBa, cycling, laugh therapy, cardio ranking.

To sign up members must pay a €5 fee which will be donated to projects coordinated by the UAB Solidarity Foundation (FAS). The last day to sign up for the sports activities is Monday 30 October.

Students will be able to validate 1 ECTS credit for their participation. There are two different ways of participating: by competing and/or by helping in the organisation. For more information on validating credits please click here.

The UABGames has created a code of values which it wishes to transmit to all those participating in these sport sessions:

-Acquire active and healthy habits
-Respect people, the surroundings, material and facilities
-Educate through physical activities and sport
-Promote participation and co-education
-Foster the participation of the entire University Community
-No discrimination against gender, sexual orientation, nationality and/or religion
-Promotion of Fair Play values
-Use competition as an element of learning
-Enjoy physical activities and sports
-Facilitating the inclusion and integration of the entire University Community



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