The UAB Solidarity Race to be held on 16 December

VŪdeo promocional de la Cursa Solidaria de la UAB en suport a la Maratů de TV3

Cancer and solidarity has brought together the UAB, the ALBA Synchrotron and the Cerdanyola del Vallès City Council in the seventh edition of the UAB Solidarity Race, which will be celebrated on Sunday 16 December. All money raised will go towards research into cancer, the disease the TV3 Marathon is focusing on this year. 


All money raised will go towards research into cancer, the disease the TV3 Marathon is focusing on this year. Both the UAB and the ALBA Synchrotron inlcude research teams working to find cures for cancer.

On Monday 26 November the new aspects of this year's UAB Solidarity Race were presented, as well as the involvement of different institutions working on research into cancer, the number one cause of death amongst men and number two amongst women in Catalonia. The official T-shirt and promotional ad was also presented, followed by a group photo of all attendants.

This solidarity race includes the participation of an average of 2,000 people a year, motivated by participating in a supportive and festive sports event. Coinciding with the UAB's 50th anniversary this year, the race will be even more supportive and festive than ever.
Presentation speeches were offered by Ramon Pascual, fomer rector of the UAB and promoter and honorary president of the ALBA Synchrotron; Carlos Sánchez, Vice Rector of Institutional Relations and Culture at the UAB; Francesc Cayuela, President of Friends of the UAB, and Manel Sabés, UAB lecturer and scientific collaborator at the ALBA Synchrotron. The mayor of Cerdanyola del Vallès, Carles Escolà, finally was not able to attend the presentation.
Ramon Pascual and Carlos Sánchez talked about the important relation between the UAB and the ALBA Synchrotron, which is what motivated them to participate in the race. "For us, the synchrotron for us is 100% UAB, at least in spirit, and we feel very close to it and therefore appreciate their collaboration", said Vice Rector Carlos Sánchez. He also highlighted the participation of the Cerdanyola del Vallès City Council, given that the race this year will be passing through the city. The walk will go around the ALBA Synchrotron also for the first time.
Manuel Sabés spoke on cancer research, conducted at both the Synchrotron facilities and the UAB, since this year's fundraising focuses on cancer. He mentioned that 30% of the experiments conducted at the synchrotron are biomedical. And Francesc Cayuela pointed out the importance of volunteers in organising the race by emphasising that "without them this event would not be possible".

Throughout its previous editions, the UAB Solidarity Race has raised over 60,000 euros for the TV3 Marathon, with an average of 2,000 participants in each edition and thanks to the involvement of more than 500 volunteers in these seven years.

This year there will be three races, an 11km race, a 6km race, and a 6km walk and a 480 metres race for people with reduced mobility, of the few races of this type offered in Catalonia. For athletes with reduced mobility, the race will begin at 10:15 a.m., while the 11km race will begin at 10:45 a.m. The 6km race and walk will begin at 11 a.m. For the first time, the race will pass through the centre of Cerdanyola del Vallès and the walk will pass in front of the ALBA Synchrotron. Upon registration participants will receive a T-shirt and soup will be served at the finish line.

Cancer is the main cause of death among men and second among women in Catalonia. Every day 28 people die of cancer, more than 10,000 a year.

Thanks to biomedical research in Catalonia cancer survival rates have risen 7% in the past 10 years and the average rate is now 55%. Despite the advances in treatments and diagnosis and prevention methods, cancer rates continue to be very high: one in every two men and one in every three women will suffer from cancer.

The UAB Solidarity Race will coincide with an entities fair held by different organisations working with cancer-related diseases.

In celebration of the UAB's 50th anniversary, participants are invited to dress up for the race and prizes will be handed out to the most original costumes.

All those interested in volunteering in organisational tasks - coordinated by the university's Solidarity Foundation (FAS) - such as preparing material, handing out numbers, support tasks during the race, etc. are welcome to sign up. 

The UAB Solidarity Race is one of the few to offer specific versions for people with reduced mobility. The 480 metre race will begin at the start/finish of the 11km race, at the Plaça de la Vila Universitària.

At the end of the race, the Hotel Campus staff will offer all participants crossing the finish line a warm cup of Aneto soup.




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