The UAB's artistic heritage in the "Art Apart” exhibition

Imatge Expo Art Apart

From 4 June to 20 July and from 3 to 21 September, the university community will be able to view the UAB's art pieces at the Exhibition Hall of the Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives. The exhibition forms part of the activities celebrating the UAB's 50th anniversary.


“Art Apart” will be on display at the Communication Library and General Newspaper Archives from 4 June to 20 July and from 3 to 21 September as part of the activities in celebration of the UAB's 50th anniversary. During this period the university community will be able to view the art pieces of the UAB's collection.

The exhibition, commissioned to the students of the Master's Degree in Analysis and Management of Artistic Heritage in collaboration with Cultura en Viu, offers visitors different works from the art collection the UAB has been acquiring since it was founded 50 years ago.

The exhibition includes five sections in which works from renowned Catalan artists such as Perejaume, Robert Llimós and Josep María Subirachs are placed in coexistence with other works which may have gone unnoticed throughout these years, due either to the anonymity of the artist, the way the art piece arrived to the UAB and/or for its dubious quality as a piece of art.

The exhibition was created as a way to showcase the importance of these less fortunate pieces existing outside the art circuit with a discourse which sets parallelisms with kitsch and camp art.

For the first time, the UAB's art collection acquires it own form and becomes a topic for debate, generating reflections on the importance of institutional collections and art validity, while also questioning the parameters by which they are ruled.  

A museographic journey still in the making by an inconclusive collection which, once any pre-conditioned art prejudices and stigmas are overcome, can bring to the surface some very interesting opinions among visitors.


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