The UAB ranks 37 in the GreenMetric World University Rankings


The university improves its position by 13 points when compared to last year's results in the Universitas Indonesia ranking, which values the efforts in sustainability and environmental-friendly management policies.


The Universitas Indonesia (UI) has published the ninth edition of the GreenMetric Ranking of World Universities. The classification compares the efforts made by 719 universities worldwide (100 more than last year) towards sustainability and environmental-friendly management policies.

In this year's edition, corresponding to data from 2018, the UAB ranks 37 worldwide, moving up 13 points from its position last year at 50. With regard to other universities in Spain, the University of Alcalá (UAH) is the one to receive the most points and this year ranks 16 worldwide.

Information on the ranking is organised into six categories, with the weight of each category in parenthesis: energy and climate change (21%), waste management (18%), transport (18%), infrastructure (15%), water usage (10%) and education (18%). The combined score of these categories places the UAB in 37th place. The ranking highlights that the UAB stands out particularly in energy and climate change (22nd position), water usage (33rd position) and transport management (50th position).

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