Success of the UAB race to raise money for the TV3 Marathon

»xit de la sisena Cursa de la UAB en suport de La Maratů de TV3

This year and thanks to the collaboration of the Cerdanyola City Council, the UAB once again organised the Cursa de la UAB, a sportive and solidarity event to collect money for infectious diseases, which is this year's medical subject at the TV3 Marathon. New this year was the fact that the race took place on a weekday, the distances were shorter and the route was also different, all with the aim of encouraging the university community to participate in a year in which the UAB is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Technology consultants STP Group were the official sponsors of the race this year.


The race took place within the campus, passing by faculties and the most emblematic points of the university, such as the UAB Columns, the Plaça Cívica and the Eix Central.

The sixth edition of the Cursa de la UAB in support of the  TV3 Marathon took place on Wednesday 13 December. The starting point was at the Eix Central, in front of the Servei d'Activitat Física.

The race was 6.4 km long, made up of two laps each measuring 3.2 km. The popular walk had a distance of 3.2 km, with an approximate duration of 45 minutes. The race took place within the campus, passing by faculties and the most emblematic points of the university, such as the UAB Columns, the Plaça Cívica and the Eix central. 

Students can validate their participation in the race for 1 ECTS credit by signing up for activities offered in the  Viu el campus SIS  programme, which includes the Cursa de la UAB 2017 and three other activities pertaining to the Health and Sustainability Campus project for the 2017/18 year.
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Some 70 volunteers helped the Cursa become a reality. They were coordinated by the Autònoma Solidarity Foundation and collaborated in different organisational tasks such as preparing materials, handing out race numbers, offering support during the race and many others. 

This year a group of physiotherapy students helped all interested participants in their physical recover once they completed the race.

The race will begin in front of the SAF building, located on the Eix Central, and will continue until the roundabout near the motorway and then turn back to complete a circle by reaching the starting point again.

The Cursa de la UAB raises funds for the research of infectious diseases, which is the subject of this year's TV3 Marathon. Infectious diseases cause 1 in every 3 deaths worldwide and are an important danger for public health. The majority are passed from one person to another and no one is immune. Everyone suffers from infections at some point in their life. These normally go away without any problems, but depending on the age and health of a person, there are some which can become complicated and may even prove lethal. This includes diseases such as pneumoniathe common flustomach flu and urinary track infections.

The last edition celebrated was that of 2016, in which the race was a huge success in participation and solidarity. More than 2,000 people signed up for the race and a total of 14,900 euros were collected and delivered to the TV3 Marathon. Throughout the six editions of the race, a total of 55,000 euros have been raised for the TV3 Marathon, with an average participation of 2,100 persons and the valuable help of some 400 volunteers.




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