The CYD ranking highlights the UAB's high performance

Estudiants a la plaÁa cŪvica

The UAB obtains a maximum score in 26 of the 33 indicators evaluated by the Fundación Conocimiento y Desarrollo (CYD). The CYD ranking evaluates a total of 69 Spanish universities and is based on the European Commission's U-Multirank.


The Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona is one of the universities included in the high performance group in 26 of the 33 indicators recently made public by the ranking of the CYD Foundation. The ranking divides these indicators into five "dimensions": teaching and learning, research, knowledge transference, international orientation and contribution to regional development.

Of the six indicators evaluated in teaching and learning, the UAB obtained a top score in four: bachelor's degree graduation rate, bachelor's degree normative graduation rate, master's degree graduation rate and master's degree normative graduation rate. In research, the UAB obtained the highest score in 7 of the 10 indicators analysed: external funding, publications per lecturer, normalised impact, highly cited publications, postdoctoral researchers, average number of research active years and tenured lecturers without research active years. In knowledge transference, the UAB receives the highest score in seven of the eight indicators evaluated: private funding, publications with private enterprises, patents awarded, patent applications in collaboration with private enterprises, spin-offs, income for continuous training and cited patent publications. All international orientation indicators, 6 in total, place the UAB in the high performance group: bachelor's degrees in foreign languages, master's degrees in foreign languages, student mobility, international lecturers, international PhD theses and international publications. Finally, the UAB obtained a maximum score in 2 of the 3 indicators in contribution to regional development: work placements in surrounding businesses and regional publications.

This is the fourth edition of the ranking and is coordinated by Martí Parellada, professor of the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Barcelona. The ranking is based on the same philosophy, methodology and collection of data as the European Commission's U-Multirank. It includes 69 universities from all of the Spanish autonomous communities. The ranking analyses 17 areas of knowledge and 1,741 bachelor's degree and master's degree programmes.
The CYD Foundation is presided and promoted by Ana Botín, includes the participation of renowned members of the academic and business world, and annually publishes the CYD report on the contribution of Spanish universities to development.

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